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Current Repertoire

The WCCB is planning a series of three concerts for young people during this school year, so some of the pieces we are rehearsing are intended to interest them. Works for the 2023-2024 season include the following:

  • Andalusia – Hugh M. Stuart
  • Bugler's Holiday – Leroy Anderson
  • Children's March: Over the Hills and Far Away – Percy Grainger
  • Concerto pour un Voix – Saint Preux
  • El Camino Real – Alfred Reed
  • España Cañi – Pasqual Marquina (arr. Longfield)
  • Faster – Ralph Gonyea
  • Fate of the Gods – Steven Reineke
  • A Festival Prelude – Alfred Reed
  • Themes from Green Bushes – Percy Grainger (arr. Larry Duehn)
  • Suite from "Hamilton" – Lin-Manuel Miranda (arr. Jerry Brubaker)
  • In Perfect Silence, I Often Gaze at the New Stars – Richard L. Saucedo
  • John Williams in Concert – (arr. Paul Lavender)
  • A Jubilant Overture – Alfred Reed
  • A Little Tango Music – Adam Gorb
  • The Mandalorian – Ludwig Goransson, Paul Murtha
  • The Muppet Show Theme – Jim Henson, Sam Pottle (arr. Frank D. Cofield)
  • Oracles of the Sirocco – Robert Sheldon
  • Pacem — A Hymn for Peace – Robert Spittal
  • Prayer of St. Gregory – Alan Hovhaness (Op. 63 B)
  • Symphonic Suite from “Far and Away” – Paul Lavender
  • Toccata – Grolamo Rescobaldi (arr. Earl Slocum)
  • Variations on a Korean Folk Song – John Barnes Chance
  • Wayfaring Stranger – Christopher M. Nelson
  • Whispers of the Wind – David Shaffer

Library Holdings

Categories are rather subjective, and sometimes a piece fits in more than one category, so it may not appear in that list where you expect it to be.

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