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April 12, 2014

photo credit: Dunc Malcolm

Tuning Up

Tuning up

Percussion section

Percussionists Dave Warner (tympani), Larry Peterson (trap set), Breanne Dodds (mallet percussion)

The Band

Ready to begin

Part of the trumpet section

Part of the trumpet section:
Gary Louis, John Myers, Andrea Warner,
Cary Tardiff, Ralph Gonyea

MC Greg Hatton

MC Greg Hatton

Alto saxophonist John Billett

Alto saxophonist John Billett solos on
“The Last Rose of Summer”

Trombone section

Trombonists Camil Bouchard,
Bryan Potter, Winston Lewis

Bass clarinet

Bass clarinetist Judy Myers

French horns

French hornists Jean Hope, Robert Hume,
Chris Goodwin, Richard Greenwood

Flute section

Flautists Marg Eagle, Pauline Barnes,
Austin Scott Jr., Melanie Quenneville


Tristan Harden, alto sax; Larry Licht, tenor sax

More of the trumpet section

Some more of the trumpet section:
Reed Cudmore, Ralph Gonyea, Dave Gibbs, John Myers

Conductor Michael Dominy

Conductor Michael Dominy

Ralph Gonyea on flugelhorn

Ralph Gonyea plays the flugelhorn on
“Concierto de Aranjuez”

Euphonium section

Euphonium players Vic O'Connor, Kenny Cunningham

Clarinet section

The clarinet section: Lorraine McDonald, Helen Lockhart,
Monika Greenwood, Roy Bauchman, Susan Potter
Diana Gordon, Marli Liberatore, Doug Arnold

Tuba section

Tubists Tim Shilson, Ann Rusk, Glen Boughton

oboist Gail Nash

oboist Gail Nash solos in
“Orpheus in the Underworld”

Bassoonist Jane Hastings

Bassoonist Jane Hastings
[photo by Julie Elizabeth]