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Music Donation Program

The band now has a program for members and members of the community to assist in increasing the band's library by purchasing music through Tapestry Music Ltd.

The conductor (and some members) have drawn up a list of desirable pieces, that will be updated from time to time. The list includes the price, in Canadian funds, that was current as of August 2022. If you would like to support the WCCB by purchasing one of these pieces, select one (or two!) from the list and use this Music Donation Form to contact Tapestry Music to order it. When the piece arrives you will pay Tapestry Music for it and Tapestry will deliver the piece to the band. Your name, as donor, will be stamped on the music as a permanent reminder to the band members of your generosity, unless you wish to donate anonymously.

Bottle Drive

The WCCB now has an account with the Dunford Bottle Depot in Langford. Please consider dropping off your refundable bottles, cartons and cans there for the band's benefit. The band's account number is 630 and it can be used at any Return-It location. Please note that it would be wise to sort the items by type and make note of the numbers before returning them because that will speed up the accounting while you are there. A complete list of returnable products with refund values may be viewed here.

Café Suites

Read about the annual "Café Suites" under the History tab.

Metchosin Arts & Cultural Centre Association (MACCA)

The MACCA has graciously provided a grant-in-aid to the WCCB in the form of free storage space in the art centre for band's extensive music library.

Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program

The members of the band gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided through this program as it existed until June 2021. It enabled us to purchase new uniforms and music, among other things.

West Shore Arts Council

When the band celebrated its first 10 years with an Anniversary Concert on October 20, 2012, the expenses were covered by a generous grant from the West Shore Arts Council. That resulted in the band being able to donate over four boxes of food and approximately $350 in cash to the local foodbank, all of which was collected during the concert. The West Shore Arts Council generously provided grants-in-aid to the WCCB in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Other donors

Thanks go also to the following:

  • Robert Hume and Gail Nash who created a new, smaller, podium that will be easier to transport to “away” gigs,
  • Hourigan's Carpet, who donated carpeting to cover our conductor's podium,
  • John Billett, who spent hours building secure cases for the storage of our pair of tympani,
  • Larry Moss of Mountain.Web, who built the tracking system for Café Suite donations.